BIBFRAME at University of Illinois

The end result of this project is enhanced discovery of library data – bringing like sets of content together in contemporary and easy to understand views assisting users in locating sets of associated bibliographic metadata.

"Initiated by the Library of Congress, BIBFRAME provides a foundation for the future of bibliographic description, both on the web, and in the broader networked world."

Last update: June 24, 2017


Funding + Scope

The project was initiated with funding from an Innovation Grant from the University of Illinois Library to explore transforming MARC records to BIBFRAME linked data. The proposal is available here.

The project team chose to focus on the corpus of e-book records in the library catalog. The Illinois Library provides access to nearly 300,000 e-books.

By the end of the Summer 2015 semester the team completed the e-book work and two sample search interfaces demonstrating the feasibility of transforming & enriching MARC records with linked open data, and demonstrating approaches in retrieval of the records for enhanced discovery. Final Report available at:


The project focused on the digital collection of the 19th century English novels at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library. By the end of the spring 2018 semester, the team completed transforming 7,829 items from Dublin Core to BIBFRAME 2.0, and completed a search interface demonstrating the feasibility of transforming & enriching Dublin Core records to BIBFRAME 2.0 with linked open data to enhance discovery.


The original BIBFRAME team included librarians Qiang Jin (CAM) and Jim Hahn (UGL), as well as two graduate students: Gretchen Croll (GSLIS), and Suma Vangala (CS).

The BIBFRAME 2.0 team included librarian Qiang Jin (CAM), two graduate students (iSchool): Ting Zhan and Liri Fang, and Jason Strutz (Infrastructure Management and Support, IT).

Additional Collaborators

We collaborated broadly and sought input from multiple metadata experts in the library, including Micheal Norman and Ayla Stein.

The BIBFRAME @ Illinois Project is registered with the Library of Congress BIBFRAME implementation Register.

BIBFRAME Search Options

Google Custom Search: Structured Data

This search interface provides results with structured data when retrieving BIBFRAME records.

There is also a separate digitized book search for the 19th century English novels.

E-book Bento view

A pilot implementation of how BIBFRAME records are retrieved in a Bento-style seach.

Sitemaps for BIBFRAME HTML

As a result of the transformation process, there are twenty-nine HTML sitemaps, with 10,000 pages per map available for parsing here.

Each HTML file (a BIBFRAME record) encorporates RDF for a BIBFRAME Work, Instance, Authority, and Annotation.

BIBFRAME HTML also incorporates structured data.

HTML file (a BIBFRAME 2.0 record) incorporates RDF for a BIBFRAME Work, Instance, and Item.

Code + Acknowledgements

For BIBBFRAME 1.0 research and development in 2015 we utilized the Library of Congress XQuery transformation code to begin our process, and then augmented the results by programmatically enriching records with linked open data. Python code developed as a result of the grant is available from Bitbucket.

The code and data are available as zipped archives.