Last update: October 4, 2016

Launched Projects

The Technology Prototyping Service has transitioned several of their prototypes to production services. The following are a catalog of launched projects used in production.

Minrva app for Android and iOS

Available for over 80 libraries in Illinois, Minrva was collaboratively designed by librarians and students using a student-centered approach. The design process included extensive student user testing and feedback, employed student programmers working for the library, teams of computer science students working on the app as part of their coursework, and utilized several innovative idea-generating projects to encourage innovation in app design by students from across campus.

IWonder Chat Service

Serving the virtual reference needs of many of the departmental Library at Illinois, IWonder allows IM messages sent to a single IM account to be queued, answered, and transferred by multiple operators from a web-based interface.

HOOT Wait List Service

Library staff wanted an easy way to keep track of students waiting for reserve items that were checked out. We responded by launching a flexible desktop application called HOOT. With HOOT, library staff create wait lists, and when an item is ready, HOOT sends a text and email to the user to come retrieve their reserve item.

Equipment Loan Form (ELF 2.0)

Students previously signed a paper copy of a technology loan agreement form upon checkout and return. We developed a tablet/touchscreen app (ELF 2.0) that allows students to sign for their items on the touch screen, and receive their loanable technology agreement form through email. Renewals and returns of technology checkout items is now paperless.

Main Library Homepage API

Prototyping staff and students developed and launched server side APIs that include Hours and Locations of Unit Libraries, a Room Reserve API, and an available Tech API. Staff contributed to the rapid interface studies and graphic design elements needed to move project to completion.